Saturday, July 4, 2009

Hello from China and Happy 4th of July!

We arrived in Beijing late Friday night, which was Friday morning for you all. We are doing good. Tired, but good. We decided to go with the group today and tour. We have 8 families in our group. We really enjoyed meeting everyone today and getting to know everyone. We went to the Great Wall, a Jade factory, had real Chinese food for lunch. Got to see the Bird Cage and the Cube from the Olympics and saw an Acrobatic Show. We didn't get into bed until 1:00AM China time and was up at 6:30 getting ready for the tour. We set out at 8:30 and got back to our room after 7 PM. Had McDonalds for dinner. Getting ready for bed now. We leave in the morning at 8:30 for the airport to head out to Zhengzhou, which is where LeahJean is. We are so ready to get LeahJean. We will have her Monday morning, not sure what time yet. That will be Sunday night for you all. Please keep us in your prayers and pray that all goes well for us and LeahJean as we continue our journey. We can't wait to get LeahJean in our arms and meet the rest of the families babies. Post more later.

I am unable to post to the blog from China, so Heather is posting for us. We will have pictures later.

Love, Melissa


  1. Wow! you are finally there!!! LeahJean will finally be united with her forever family. I know you've longed for this day for so very long. What a sweet reunion. We'll keep you in our prayers!
    Keith and Michele Nicholson

  2. all the best to you, can't wait to see her in your arms!


Just a Few Pictures We Have Received

Just a Few Pictures We Have Received
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