Wednesday, March 25, 2009

While We Wait...............

Not much happening. The room is complete. The car seat is even in the van.

It has been 9 months and 1 day (a pregnancy) since we first saw that beautiful picture of LeahJean. This has been the hardest wait. The way things are going, we will hit a year before we actually get to hold this precious angel in our arms. As each day goes by, it gets harder and harder. I check my email everyday, I don't know how many times, to see if we got our LOA (Letter of Acceptance from China). Once we get that it should be 5-8 weeks till we travel.

We did get some possibly good news yesterday. There is a couple in China right now from Atlanta, that adopted a little girl that was in foster care with LeahJean. They got to go over and visit with the foster mom and nannies. See and play with the babies. They saw LeahJean and took a picture of her. Mike (the dad) got to talk to the intern, she is a college student from Ohio. She stated that she didn't think LeahJean was completely deaf. That when you make a loud noise, she turns around and when they put an Ipod on her she seemed to respond to it. Thank you Mike and Amy for the picture and this bit of information.

We will be busy the next couple of months. We will be moving my Dad from Montgomery Alabama. He will be living next to us. That will be taking place around mid April. Sandy graduates from High School May 23th, so we will be busy getting ready for that. By the way, her surgery went well and all test came back good. Praise God. She will be starting college in August, so we are working on getting all of that in line as well. Hopefully the nest couple of months will go by fast and we will be closer to getting LeahJean.

I have given up on having LeahJean here any sooner than June. I was so praying sooner, but I know it is in Gods hands and when the time is right we will go get our precious angel and bring her home. I am so way past ready. Pray that I keep my sanity as we wait.

We did get some bad news last week. Both Keith and I are employeed with the Postal Service. The Postal Service has been hit hard just like everybody has with the economy. Keith is a mail carrier and his pay is based somewhat on the volume of mail the he has. The mail volume has taken a tremendous drop due to the economy and had already started having a drop in volume due to the internet. Anyway, after a month long mail count and his route bing re-evaluated, Keith lost over six hours off of his route,(this is six hours a week), which will cause him to take a major pay cut. We won't know for sure until next month just how much of a cut it will be. We do know that we are looking at several, several thousand dollars. Be in prayer for us with this. Keith is really having a hard time with this. I am just so thankful that we both have jobs. We will adjust. We just need to come up with the rest of the money to finish the adoption. We didn't won't to put any of this one on credit, but we may have to. We didn't want that added bill each month, but we will do what we have to. Everything is covered except for our travel expenses, her in the states and in China. We just ask for lots of prayers. Our Church will be doing a love offering for us to help out. We are going to have a major yard sell, which we have needed for along time. Anybody got anything they would like to donate. :):) Anyway enough about that. I know God will provide, he always does.

Thank you for following our journey. Please continue to follow our journey to LeahJean. Please keep LeahJean in your thoughts and prayers and us as well.

LeahJean, Baby Girl, we are coming soon. I promise. We love you so much.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Snow Storm 2009

Yes, it does snow in Georgia. We got about six inches of snow at our house. It was so pretty, but I am so glad it is gone:)

The kids had a blast playing in the snow and making a snowman. I think the big kids had as much fun, if not more, as the little guys did. Tanner and Parker were so excited. Our schools were closed for two days, so Sandy got to baby sit the boys for those days, cause mama and daddy had to work.

Sandy Turns 18 !!!!!!!!

Friday February 27th, we celebrated Sandy's 18th birthday. It is hard to believe that she is 18. It seems just like yesterday that she was my baby girl, now she is all grown up.

Just a Few Pictures We Have Received

Just a Few Pictures We Have Received
Such a Sad Little Face

Happy Baby Girl

Just Want to Pinch Those Little Cheeks