Sunday, February 8, 2009

While We Wait

Saturday morning we had to purchase a new freezer. It never fails when you are pinching pennies, and right now we are pinching every penny we can to finalize this adoption, you have to come out of the pocket for something. We are really trying hard not to have to borrow money to finish LeahJeans adoption. The last two we have been able to borrow against our retirement. This time we can't cause we still are paying back into our retirement for Tanner and Parker. If you have any extra laying around, send it our way...LOL. Anyway, for the past couple of days we thought our freezer was going out. Well Saturday morning it went. We managed not to lose everything in the freezer. Thank you God. I was in a panic, cause not to long ago the door was left open and we lost everything. We have just recently got it stocked back up with meat. So off to Lowe,s Keith and Tanner went and returned with a new freezer. While they were gone Parker and a I worked in his and Tanners bedroom. I had started a while back changing the wallpaper, so Saturday morning I finished it and put some decals on the walls. We are going to put shelves up to put some of there stuff on that they don't need to be playing with. Especially the all the stuff we brought back from China for them. I also worked in LeahJeans room. I managed to get her wallpaper border up and put some decals on her walls. We still have along ways to go to get her room finished. Her room will be Tinker Bell. Tanner doesn't like Tinker Bell, says it is girl stuff, ugh. He will soon be getting use to alot of girl stuff.
We made a trip to Stockbridge Saturday afternoon for a welcome home party for a very special young lady. Baylee has been in the hospital at Scottish Rites for 2 months. She finally got to come home last Friday. Baylee, it was so good seeing you and we are so thankful that you are getting better. You continue to be strong and make a full recovering. We are praying for you. Dana, Patrick and Maideline, you are all in our thoughts and prayers. We love you guys.
Today, we went to Church, got lunch and came home. The boys took a nap and I tried to. I should say Tanner took a nap, I am not sure if Parker ever fell asleep. He just doesn't do naps very well. After nap, they both got hair cuts, way past due hair cuts. They don't do hair cuts very well either, but it is getting better.
well I am just rambling here, so I will go. May God bless each and everyone of you and your families. We love you.
We love you LeahJean and I promise we will be there to get you as soon as we can. Your mama, daddy, sisters and brothers are all so ready to get you home. You are already so loved by so many people.


  1. Hey Melissa!
    I know what you mean - we had a new washer/dryer delivered Saturday morning. Oh I just hated to spend the money with all of the adoption expenses we're going to have between now and fall. But I have to admit, it's so nice to have a new washer/dryer! I did a ton of laundry this weekend!

    Love LeanJean's room! So cute.
    Have a great week!
    love, jennifer p.

  2. Melissa,

    So great to see your blog! As a mom who has seen your LeahJean, I can tell you she is a doll! I am so happy you found her, and that she will be coming home to a wonderful, loving family. Contact me if you need any sign advice. If your little one is anything like Sophie-heads up! She was hungry for language and learned a ton of signs in one year. Many blessings.



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