Friday, January 30, 2009


For those of you that do not know, DTC is Documents to China and LID is our Log in Date with CCAA (Chinese Children Adoption Affairs). We didn't think we would ever be DTC. We got hung up in USCIS for 120 days. We finally got our approval on 12/19/2008. Off to Houston went our last document to be Authenticated by the Chinese Consulant. By the time we got it back, got our Dossier sent to CCAI, they reviewed it, it passed with flying colors, got translated and off to China it went. We were DTC on January 9, 2009 and out LID is January 22, 2009. They say it is taking any where from 3-5 months after LID for travel. We are praying that we will travel in April, but thinking it will be May or even June. We know that when the time is right we will travel. It is in Gods hands and I have all the faith in Him. Please pray for us that we do travel soon. We are so ready to bring our little girl home.
We got to celebrate CNY (Chinese New Year) on 1/24/09 with others families that have adopted from China and families that are waiting to adopt from China and other Asian Countries. It was held at UGA and hosted by our childrens Asian Mentors from the university. They are all college students. What a great group they are and they did and outstanding job. We had lots of entertainment and a pot luck meal. The kids were all dressed up in traditional Chinese clothes. They were all so adorable. We will be celebrating CNY with some friends of ours this weekend hosted by a wonderful family that has adopted twice from China. We are looking so forward to this.
Please pray for us a we wait to bring our precious girl home.

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Just a Few Pictures We Have Received

Just a Few Pictures We Have Received
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